Whats Involved? / Get Started:

Programmes are designed to support your individual needs – not all bodies are the same, hence it is a requirement to do at least one private session before joining a semi – private class.

All new clients begin with a series of one or two private sessions (55 min each). Once completed you can join our small semi private classes.

During these one or two private sessions: We will design your programme based on your injuries, postural, fitness abilities, clinical /rehab goals, and lifestyle goals.

You’ll be taught 3 key principles of the 9 Pilates (yes there are 9!) learning the strong foundations of the deep core muscles, holding a neutral spine and breath work. The other 6 principles will be  applied  once you get started in a semi private class.We will assess your biomechanics through some movements and shall explain areas that need releasing, strengthening or lengthening and how to go about it.

You will be introduced to the equipment; Reformer, Cadillac,/Trapeze table, Wunda Chair, Spine corrector, Ped-O -Pull and ladder barrel.

We will work collaboratively to design your Pilates programme and make sure you are training optimally to reach your goals. You will learn how to safely and efficiently operate the Pilates equipment, how to clean down equipment, how to safely get on and off equipment , and shown where all springs and props belong


Equipment-Based Pilates Semi-private classes:

During the semi private class (55 mins) you  will get to working muscles you never knew could be worked! There are only 4 clients per class, all working specific programmes.

Semi-privates are a fantastic way to address specific issues you may have and to get some specialised attention.

You will be able to concentrate on your individual weaknesses, being closely supervised and receiving constant feedback, everybody’s ‘body’ is different so everyone has a tailored programme in each session to the needs of each individual in the session designed to meet your goals.

You will be using all the different Pilates equipment, which is great because an exercise on the reformer can be quite different when executed on a different piece of equipment

1-2-1 Assessments and Private Sessions

A 1-2-1 initial consultation (private assessment) is a must before joining into a semi-private class. 

Private sessions are also available – if wanting to find out more about Pilates, if you are down on holidays, or are an  experienced Pilates pro, or a student studying Pilates. ‘Everybody’ is welcome.

The options for class pass packages with discounted rates are shown in the pricing tab.